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The Oak Ridges Dermatology Centre has added the new SkinTyte™ filter to the Sciton Profile™ BBL™ device. This innovative new technology is used to selectively heat the dermal collagen deep in your skin while simultaneously cooling the epidermis (outer layer of skin) prior-to, during, and after treatment, reducing discomfort and minimizing thermal injury to non-target skin and skin structures. The result is partial coagulation and contraction of collagen.

This treatment takes about 45 minutes per area, and is done in the office. The most commonly treated areas are the face, neck, and upper chest. There is minimal facial swelling the first day, but no break in the skin. You can wear make-up immediately. Because of the novel mechanism of action, optimal results from dermal remodeling are seen over a three to six month period. Most patients require an average of 3 treatments spaced one month apart. However, because each patient’s skin is different, the treatment number can vary.

The majority of patients feel that their skin is tighter after just one treatment, but visible improvements in skin laxity generally take place over three to six months. This exciting new technology is perfect for those who wish to tighten and firm up their skin, with virtually no down-time.

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